The Last 90 Days – My Favourite Workouts

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I do my workouts in 90 day rounds.  I’ve completed another round and am on to the next one.  I’ll be repeating the 90 day program I did last time.

Kelli & Daniel at

I wanted to share my progress.  I didn’t loose one single pound this time around.  But I’m OK with that.  I know that I lost inches – so I clearly gained muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat so I’m very happy with my results!

My focus was my mid section.  I really wanted to loose some of that muffin top and post-baby belly jiggles.  So I tried to add some abdominal work each day.  It might have only been 3 minutes – but I got something in.  Whatever “free” time I had at the end of my workout was occupied by abs.  I could have gotten ready for work early – but I stuck to it and used that extra 3, 5, 8 or even 20 minutes to tone my core.

In this post I’m going list my favourite workouts from my last 90 day round:

Christine Salus

HIIT Cardio and Abs
from FitnessBlender – 34 Minutes

  • I really enjoyed the workout above.  There are no repeats.  A lot of workouts that I do have an AB AB format or a full round repeated a few times.  This one has no repeats, so it’ll always keep you guessing at what is coming next.

Bodyweight Cardio Training + Lower Body Strength from FitnessBlender – 37 Minutes

  • This workout is lower body focused.  I usually have a lot of trouble with them.  My thighs can’t take a ton of squats and lunges in one workout.  Surprisingly this one focuses on the bum more than anything and you’ll feel it!
Rebecca Louise

Brutal HIIT Ladder Workout from FitnessBlender – 20 Minutes

  • Normally I hate ladder workouts.  Especially the ones that gradually go up in time.  This one starts with the highest length interval.  It gradually goes lower and lower so you can see the end in sight.  It’s an amazing cardio workout!

Christine Salus continues to inspire me with her free workouts.  I haven’t posted them as my “favourites” because they are mean and intense and I usually hate them.  But they are so effective!  Check her out!

An honourable mention also goes out to Rebecca Louise.  Her workouts are short and a great add on.  Her abdominal routines have been my go-to every day.

I hope you try some of them out.  Let me know what you think and PLEASE share your favourites too!

Get moving because you’ll feel better than you did yesterday!


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