Affordable Workout Clothing

Workout Clothing…what comes to mind?  Lululemon, right?  But who can reasonably afford to stock up their workout wardrobe with the nutty prices they charge?  Today, I’m going to share with you some very affordable alternatives for getting yourself comfortably in some workout gear at a price that won’t break the bank.

Running/Training Shoes

This one always kills me.  If you want the newest and coolest runners/trainers you’re going to be paying out the nose for them.  My trick?  Head to the outlet malls!  I personally love Puma’s running collection.  I’ve been buying their shoes for years.  They last forever and are light and comfortable.  Here’s a link to my newest pair that I managed to score for $60 at the Puma Outlet store.  If you’re in Ontario, there’s quite a few outlets in your neck of the woods.

Workout Clothing

Where to find comfortable, reliable and affordable workout clothing you ask?  Here’s a list of the places I love to shop and have found some awesome deals!

  • Costco – They almost always have some kind of a deal on a multi-pack of sports bras.  This past winter I picked up a 2 pack of Puma sports bras for $19.99.  I’m also a HUGE fan of their Tuff Athletics calf length workout leggings.
  • Old Navy – I have a sports bra similar to this style.  It’s for lighter activity, so I use it on weights days, or if I’m doing yoga.  I also LOVE their yoga pants for everyday wear or workouts.  The great thing about Old Navy is that they often have a 50% day at least once a month.  So if you’re not in a rush – wait it out and you’re bound to get a good deal.
  • J76 Athletic Wear – I stumbled across this company when I was visiting family in Vancouver in 2010.  At the time, they had 2 small locations.  I bought a whole bunch of workout gear while I was there.  It’s still in amazing shape.  The prices were WAY lower that lulu, but the quality is right up there with them.  They are now located in stores all across Canada.  Here’s a list of their locations.  Their sizing is a little different than average stores.  If you’re a 12 typically, you may be an 8 or 10 at J76.  Be sure to be extra diligent with their sizing charts.
  • Sears – Recently I purchased a pair of workout shorts and a tank top at Sears.  The shorts are some of my favourites that I’ve found.  Shorts inevitably ride up while you’re working out and they make a long pair (like a biker short) that actually doesn’t shift too badly.

Where do you shop for your workout gear?  Know of a great company?  Share it with me!  I’d love to try it out.

Get moving because you’ll feel better than you did yesterday!


3 thoughts on “Affordable Workout Clothing

  1. Target for workout pants, sports bras. (I get $8 pants on clearance:$24 regular price), Asics running shoes on sale at Big5 for $30. I buy tank tops at walmart and thrift stores, never more than $3. I can’t even imagine paying Lululemon prices for something I’m going to sweat in -and when I meet my goals, I won’t even be able to wear them because they’ll be stretched in all the wrong places…


    1. I agree with the clothing size changes. I always go with something with a drawstring if available. I’m not in the states, so I don’t have a lot of the stores you suggest, but I’ll have to check them out if I’m ever there! Thanks for sharing :).

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