For the Love of the Fitbit!

Last year on Black Friday hubby and I treated ourselves each to a Fitbit Charge 2.  I’ve waited this long to write about it, because I really wanted to get a feel for it before a proper review.

What do I think?

I LOVE IT!  I love my Fitbit.  I actually didn’t think I would.  It’s amazing and keeps me in check.  If I haven’t walked around for a while it buzzes at me and tells me to “take a stroll” or asks me to “go for a walk”.

What does it do?

This version of the Fitbit not only counts your steps, but it also tracks your heart rate and will actually pick up when you start working out.  I can also tell it when I officially start a workout so it can accurately monitor my progress.

It can track your sleep.  That’s if you can tolerate it being on your wrist all night.  It surprisingly doesn’t bug me.  It keeps me mindful of how much sleep I’m getting.  But it also tells me how little sleep I’m getting.  Catch 22 on this baby.

You can set goals and it’ll reward you with badges as you meet certain milestones.  On the app, you can join and invite friends to challenges and see how many steps you’ve taken compared to other friends who also have the Fitbit.

The battery lasts a long time.  The screen goes on “sleep mode” while you wear it.  If you flick your wrist or push the side button, it’ll turn on long enough for you to see the time, or see the progress on your workout.  Every other or every third day I’ll charge it while I shower – but I’ve never anywhere close to having a dead battery.

Anything negative?

The band gets dirty and stained pretty quickly.  I opted for the turquoise because it’s one of my favourite colours.  It’s already starting to show staining.  It’s not from “dirt”, but rather the blue colour wearing off my jeans.  That’ll never come off.  I’ve found a few places that sell additional bands at a lower cost than Fitbit, so I may get a couple of those.

There are some similar products on the market.  Fitbit offers a number of different kinds.  They even have a waterproof basic step counter.  You can also get fitness tracking watches from companies like Garmin and Samsung.

If you have a fitness tracker you love, I want to hear all about it!  Perhaps you’d like to write a review on your fitness tracker and be a guest blogger.  Let me know!

Get moving because you’ll feel better than you did yesterday!


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