Get Active Doing What You Love

Get active by doing what you love.  It’s as simple as that.  For me, my love is dance.

Luckily, my daughter’s dance studio (only about 8 minutes away so no excuses) has started offering adult dance classes.  I signed up for jazz – but no one else was interested.  The owner contacted me and told me she had a lot of interest for tap.  So I jumped (or clicked) at the opportunity.  I LOVE TAP!


It’s surprising how high your heart rate can get and how much you’re moving around when you don’t even realize it.  Yesterday when I went into my tap class my step count for the day was 5000.  When I left I was well over 13000!!!  PLUS it was a ton of fun.

What do you love doing?  Swimming, skating, biking, running, badminton, volleyball, baseball and soccer are just a few things to get your mind working towards being active while doing something you love.

I challenge you!  Pick something you love and get moving.  Let me know what it is!

Get moving because you’ll feel better than you did yesterday!


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