Binge Eating – What Have I Done???

No one is perfect in their food consumption.  We all have our downfalls when eating foods we love.  Sometimes one bite just isn’t enough!  Our brains go into some crazy mode where we NEED MORE!  There is actually scientific evidence behind this crazy brain “me want food overload” (click here to read a really interesting article I found about it).  Before you know it you’ve eaten way more than you intended to and you take a deep sigh and say “oops”.

8754705955_4ec22bcbd9_zThis post is stemming from my personal experience.  Over the weekend, I caved and made nachos for my family for dinner.  I ate, and ate and ate.  And then I felt gross.  I just love nachos so much!  The old me would have just given up and said, “might as well eat whatever I want then”.  But that doesn’t have to be the way.

Healthy Eating Fails

Everyone, and I mean everyone has a food weakness.  For me – I have a lot.  I love M&M’s, white wine, nachos, and really any kind of dessert involving chocolate.

It’s OK to eat what you want once in a while.  If you don’t – you’ll go crazy!  To starve yourself of all the foods you love is just pure torture!  Who wants to do that?

Don’t Ever let ONE Failure be the End

So you ate way more than you intended.  Or you had a second serving of something you absolutely love.  It’s OK.  Yep, I said it’s OK!

Pick yourself up – tell yourself, “tomorrow will be better”.  And move on.  The worst thing you can do is cave and just decide to give up.  You’ll never get anywhere.

Move on and Make Better Choices

It happened – move along.  Make tomorrow better.  Opt for a salad instead of fries.  Make some veggies on the side instead of a heavy starch.  You don’t have to move mountains in one day by overhauling your eating habits.  It really is the small things.  Before you know it – the small things add up and you’ve made a major change.

I challenge you – make a small change.  Tell me what it is.  You’ll thank me for it!

Get moving because you’ll feel better than you did yesterday!


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