Tracking My Workout

I’ve been searching for something to track my workouts.  Up until this point, I really had no idea how many calories I was burning in a workout.  The only way I was able to track was by how tired I was or how much I was sweating.

fb_img_1481462870916My pals at Jabra sent me a really cool set of headphones to try out.  They’re called the Jabra Sport Pulse – Special Edition.  I downloaded the app that works perfectly with my android phone.  I entered in my age, gender, height and weight and off I went.

Getting Started

Honestly, the longest process in set up was finding the right size ear buds.  The ear buds have to fit snug so it can read your heart rate.  There are memory foam earbud attachments and harder silicone ones.  I found the headphones only picked up my heart rate when I used the memory foam ones.

It will ask you to set your resting heart rate so it knows what to work off of.  This only took a minute.

20161130_043621Features I Love:

  • The headphones automatically pick up your heartbeat – right through your ear.
  • You can decide how often you want the British lady to tell you your workout stats in your ear (I chose every 10 minutes).
  • You can choose which workout stats the British lady tells you (heart rate, calorie burn, distance run etc.).
  • There are little plastic clips to adjust the length of the cord behind your head.  I like mine snug so it doesn’t rub against my neck – but this is fully customizable.
  • After a workout, you can view various graphs to tell you how hard you’ve worked and what “zones” your heart rate was in.
  • You can still listen to your music/workouts while the program is running.  The lady just speaks over whatever else you’re listening to at the intervals you choose.
  • These headphones have taught me the importance of staying in certain “zones”.  At the end of the workout you can view how much time you spent in the 5 “zones”.  Light, Fat Burn, Cardio, Intense and Maximum.  It helps you choose the right workout to accomplish your goals.

The Cost

You can get these headphones directly from the Jabra website for about $230 CDN.  That’s a great deal for all it does to help me stay on track with my workouts.

If you find you’re having a hard time achieving the results you want, perhaps you need to invest in something like these headphones to help you track your workouts.  It’s made a world of a difference to me.

Get moving because you’ll feel better than you did yesterday!


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