When did being active become work?

The other day my husband brought this to my attention.  When did getting out and being active become work?  As a child all you ever wanted to do was go outside and run around.  It could have been pouring down rain or there could have been more than a foot of snow.  But you still wanted out.  You begged and pleaded to go ride your bike or go to the park.

When did all this change?  I often have the battle in my head, “ugh I don’t want to work out”.  I went hunting for information and found an article written by Dr. Oz (mock away).  He explains a bit about kids energy vs. adults energy.  The short form of it is: kids sleep more, eat better and are spending less time in front of a computer/stuck in an office.  They have scheduled snack and meal times, bed times and outdoor play time.  No wonder!


What can we do to get more energy?children-playing

Sleep – Yep hypocrite over here is telling you that sleep will help.  My kids sleep 11-12 hours straight a night.  They are rarely up unless something is wrong.  I don’t think my body would know how to sleep that long.  Having that much rest gives them the energy then need to bound and play all day.

Eat smaller, more frequent meals – Structure your day like a child’s.  Have snacks at the ready and meals.  If you make your kids lunch for school – what’s stopping you from making yourself one as well?  Go buy yourself a lunch bag.  They do have super cute ones out there now!

Go outside – I am a broken record.  I always say go outside and get moving.  So do it!  Go for a walk – even on your lunch break.  Send your kids outside and chase them.  Moving and working out actually can help give you more energy.

I challenge you to act like a kid this week.  Make positive changes in your daily routine to give yourself more energy.  You might be surprised at how you feel!

Get moving because you’ll feel better than you did yesterday!


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