Fall Comfort Foods

With the cooling temperatures, all I want to do is curl up by the fireplace with some amazing fall comfort foods.

Wait…hmmm.  Cookies, pie, squares, hot chocolate.  They all come to mind.  But probably not the route I should go.  I will treat myself to these from time to time of course.  But they certainly shouldn’t be daily treats.

This got me thinking of some healthier options that I wanted to share with you.

Healthy Comfort Food Options:

  • Tea.  A co-worker of mine had David’s Pumpkin Chai Tea the other day.  0 calories and it smells so much like fall and Halloween.  There are a lot of tea options out there this time of year with incredible flavours and smells.
  • Soups.  Recently I made my family this Butternut Squash Recipe.  Although they don’t share the nutritional information – it’s all healthy ingredients, so what’s not to love!
  • Stew.  I had a crack at my first Beef Stew the other week.  It was delicious and hearty, which meant we didn’t have to eat a ton.  Again, lots of good-for-you ingredients.
  • Meat Pies.  Anytime the temperature changes, I love having meat pie.  Our favourite is Sheppard’s Pie.  I’m far too lazy to make it myself, so I always pick up a frozen one from our local farm Froot To Go.  If you’re anywhere local, I suggest going with the kids!  They have pick your own apples and a great play area.  The store is a little tempting with all the treats, but everything in moderation.


Enjoy the season and the treats it has to offer.  My theory as always is everything in moderation.

Get moving because you’ll feel better than you did yesterday!


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