That Magic Number

Today I stepped on the scale.  I looked down…that can’t be right.  I step off, then back on.  Hmmm…AWESOME!  The scale shows me that magic number I’ve been hoping for for a whole year.  MY GOAL WEIGHT!

20160910_061649Everyone has a magic number in their head.  I’m sure you’re either hoping you weighed that much or are working towards weighing that much.  For me, my magic number was my pre-pregnancy weight before baby #2.

I’m not one to harp on my weight.  For me, it’s more about feeling good and having the energy.  I think everyone should feel this way.  But secretly I know we all have that magic number.

What’s Next?

There is no way I’m toning it down anytime soon!  I feel great doing what I am.  My new goal is to maintain.  I’ll keep at my daily workouts and I’ll continue to be conscious of what I’m eating.

Here’s to the next phase of my “Energetic Mommy” journey.

Get moving because you’ll feel better than you did yesterday!


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