Water, Water…Did I Mention Water?

Drink water.  It’s as simple as that!  I have water bottles everywhere.  One for home, one for work, one for working out and one to take in the car.  Seriously.  It’s a bit of an investment, but you’ll start to feel amazing. Tip: Old Navy usually has awesome $5 aluminum water bottles at the cash registers.


My body is so used to water that if I forget, I get an instant headache and my whole day is off.

You’ll want to drink plenty of water during your workouts too.  Your body will lose a lot if you’re pushing yourself hard enough.  So you need to replace it.  Even if you’re going for a walk.  Take some water with you.

Here’s a great article on some particulars about how much water you should drink before, during and after your workout.  

Get moving because you’ll feel better than you did yesterday!


3 thoughts on “Water, Water…Did I Mention Water?

  1. I find weekends are the worst for water for me. NO idea why but I always forget water on the weekends. I have a great tupperware bottle that hold 1L of water and it doesn’t leak. It’s my new favourite and makes it that much easier to drink water.


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