The Beginning

In February of 2014, I decided to get fit.  For myself, but mainly for my daughter.  I dove head first into a wonderful program called Bikini Body Mommy.  The creator Briana is such an incredible motivator.  And she is real.  

beginThe program is 20 minutes a day.  It alternates between strength routines and cardio routines for 6 days of the week.  On the 7th day, you get a rest day – which I always opted to skip.  I know myself too well.  If I stop for a day, I will stop for good.

By day 30, I felt great but was slightly discouraged.  What?  I’ve only lost 1 pound?  How is that possible?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, muscle weighs more than fat.  I remember a day where I ran my hand over my forearm and there was a bump.  I looked down VERY confused and saw that I had new muscles.  Huh…cool!  So regardless of feeling like 1 pound wasn’t enough, I continued my journey.

At day 60 of this 90 day challenge I was floored at the shape change in my body!  And I was hooked.  I’ve been working out daily ever since and haven’t looked back.


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